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Full-Time Barista

Like coffee? Love customer service? Come be a part of a local coffee company!
We'll train you, so no prior coffee experience required. We offer a competitive wage, paid vacation, paid sick time, health care, and a retirement plan.

Qualities of a Barista:
A barista serves an experience of connection through the act of offering coffee. While they are increasingly knowledgeable about the coffee and beverages served, a barista recognizes that the human connection- that between themselves and the customer as well as themselves and their coworkers is what real service is really about. A barista honors the connection with their customers through a friendly and accessible demeanor. Always genuine, the barista is curious and engaging, but also confident. Why? Because they are well trained in their position but also know there is always something to learn and more ways to grow.

In order to honor the connection with their coworkers, a barista is punctual and able to manage their time well. They are consistent in both their work and relationships. Through self and social awareness, they are able to communicate their needs.

Most importantly, a barista is enjoyable to be around. They take care of themselves and ensure their own understanding of the expectations put on them. At their best, they are deeply committed to the values and offerings of the company and seek to embody them in every aspect of their work.

The Role of a Barista:
• Adhere to all recipes, presentation standards, and operational procedures including, but not limited to cash handling,  inventory management etc.
• Adhere to all company policies and values
• Attend check-in with Lead Barista
• Attend check-in with Manager 1x/quarter
• Attend quarterly CB meeting
• Attend mandatory All Company meetings
• A normal day includes the physical demands of standing/walking for 4 hours at a time, crouching, conversing, and fine hand manipulation 
• Must be able to lift 20 pounds from floor to shoulder height multiple times daily
• Must be comfortable with a moderate amount of noise

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