Copy of Owners

Since the beginning, Taylor Maid Organic Coffee has been a family operation. Our business has come a long way from the old barn and farm in Occidental, CA but valuing tradition and community – both local and global - have remained constant. These are the values that gave us the inspiration early on and these are the same values which have brought all three families together today.

Michael Woods and family

Michael Woods

Michael and Stephanie Woods  know what it takes to run a family business. They own a small boutique hotel in the Napa Valley and are involved in the hospitallity of its guests. Michael  founded Baywood Capital in 1980, a real estate investment and management company, and understands the human value in business. From the beginning, developing close relationships with staff and partners has been a necessary ingredient for the Woods family to successfully develop, manage and own businesses and properties in California, Arizona and Costa Rica.


Ted Robb and familyTed Robb

For Ted and Kerry Robb, the foodie and entrepreneurship genes were passed on from previous generations. Combined with his long family history in the natural products industry, Ted’s experience and ingenuity have helped to build and foster a number of leading organic brands. As part of his community-based approach, Mr. Robb takes pride in providing opportunities and fair compensation for each contributor on the path from farm to market.


Michael Mountanos and familyMichael Mountanos

Michael Mountanos is a fourth-generation coffee roaster and Erika Stamos-Mountanos is a farmer’s daughter with a passion for agriculture. His family tradition and her earth based roots spurred a new family business calling to master the coffee trade into a social responsibility. Michael launched Mountanos Brothers Coffee in 1981 and since then has dedicated himself to directing and operating one of the most successful and respected roasting companies in the U.S., with facilities in California and Virginia.