Taylor Maid Organic Coffee

Introducing the new Taylor Maid Organic Coffee

When we started in 1993 on a 200 acre property in Occidental, our goal was to create a sustainable company that provides quality organic coffee to the community. The original vision to use the property to provide herbs and resources to our company never materialized in a sustainable way. While we maintained the name Taylor Maid Farms, our focus shifted to developing relationships with farmers across the world to source premium coffee.  

Over the years, “Farms” has become less and less relevant to who we are today. Now, revitalized with a renewed purpose it is the right time to embrace a new name. Moving forward we are Taylor Maid Organic Coffee (still Taylor Maid for short). We streamlined our logo to have a more simplified appearance. Additionally, we have given the brand a complete visual update and are in the process of updating all our packaging to offer a fresh, new, colorful look. 

This transition marks a very exciting time for us as we look ahead to expanding our offerings throughout the county and beyond.  We do this while keeping close to our heritage and foundation that all our friends and family have connected with for so long. 

Join us in welcoming the new, Taylor Maid Organic Coffee.