Our Roasting Approach


We roast to find each coffee's sweet spot, capturing the unique aroma, body and acidity that is specific to each farm and bean.

Roasting is one part art, one part science and 100% craft. For each coffee sample, our Roastmaster carefully considers a multitude of variables including altitude, density, soil, harvest season and temperature. Next, he dreams up unique roast recipes that highlight each coffee's inherent bouquet of flavors. Roasting experiments, brew method madness and countless tastings ensue until each recipe has been perfected. Then we package and label our coffee by hand. One-by-one. Roasting can also be highly energy intensive. That’s why we love our Loring Smart Roast, our smokeless roaster that reduces energy use by 85%. Manufactured in Santa Rosa, CA, the Loring slashes our carbon foot-print by incinerating smoke before it escapes the roasting chamber. Sourcing only organic coffees and using the most energy efficient roaster available are just 2 ways we integrate sustainability into everyday operations.

In addition to safety, we focus on deliciousness. We roast coffees across the spectrum, from light and fruity with sparkling acidity to dark and bold with brooding bittersweet notes. Whatever the occasion, and whatever your taste in coffee, we have an offering for you. Our light roasts are sweet and fruity, with unique flavors that hint at the coffee’s origins. Our medium roasts are classic and approachable, great with a splash of cream, and smooth enough to savor black. Our dark roasts are big and bold, dependable and comforting.