Nicaragua Arca de Noé Single Origin


The Arca de Noé cooperative was founded in 2001 in the San Juan de Rio Coco Municipality, located in northern Nicaragua. The cooperative sources coffees from 102 farms and is organic and Fair Trade certified. 

The cooperative is committed to the care and protection of natural resources through good acro-ecological practices and the well being of their members.

Tasting Notes: Plum, toasted hazelnut & brown sugar

Roast Level: Medium

Region: San Juan de Rio Coco, Madriz, Nicaragua

Cultivars: Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Bourbon, Maracaturra

Elevation: 1,050 - 1,250 meters

Process: Washed

Certifications: Fair Trade, organic & Kosher

Arca de Noé 10oz Can
Whole Bean