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The Chemex Manual Coffee Maker  was invented by a chemist to improve filter-type brewring and make a great pour over brew.  

The Chemex brand filters are cornerstone to the process: they are 20-30% heavier than any other filter, and effectively allow the positive aromatic compounds to pass while holding back the sediment.  These filters brew 1-2 minutes slower than normal paper filters, which allows for a more appropriate time for the grounds to be steeped. 

Another wonderful feature of the Chemex is how easy it is to clean.  The glass does not hold onto rancid coffee oils like plastic can, and the ability to see every step of the process is simply elegant.  Chemex filters must be used for this process, any other filter will tear.

Read Taylor Lane's Brew Guide on how to use a Cheme to make the perfect cup of coffee. 

What You Need

  • Chemex
  • Chemex Paper Filter
  • Digital Scale
  • Filtered H2O
  • Burr Grinder
  • Pour Spout Kettle


Begin by boiling filtered H2O. While H20 is boiling, weigh and grind 38g of freshly roasted TMF coffee to a medium grind.


Prepare filter by placing 3 of 4 folds to the side the pour spout is located.


Finish preparation by pouring some of your filtered H2O over the placed filter. This will rinse the filter and seal it in place. When water boils, remove it from heat and let sit 1 minute before pouring.


To start pour, aim for the bed of coffee and only pour 80ml. This will start the bloom process.


After 30-50 seconds of bloom, pour water into bed of coffee constantly for remaining water needed. Total added water will be 650ml. While pouring, do not break constant pour nor fill the upper Chemex level. Try to keep level ½ inch from the top. Coffee is finished brewing when the stream turns to a drip. Total brew time should fall between 3.5-4 minutes.


Serve, enjoy, repeat.

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