Roasting process

Boom, roasted

Our roasting process involves sustainable practices and dedication to quality.

The Process

Every Taylor Lane roast recipe starts by analyzing the origin of the beans. Location matters, as does soil acidity, altitude, environment and time of harvest. From there, our Roastmaster determines the exact roast that will bring out the unique bouquet of that particular coffee, whether it’s a single-origin coffee from Bolivia or a smooth breakfast blend. Then we roast using an energy-efficient, smokeless roaster and put everything to a taste test before deciding on the final roast recipe.

The Result

This process gifts us the opportunity to offer nuanced blends that fall across the coffee spectrum, from the bright acidity of light roasts to the rich bittersweet notes of dark roasts. From high-caffeine content to decaf, from classic to experimental, we’re afforded the freedom to create a coffee for every palate, including our own. We’re continually proud of our team’s innovation and the quality of product we put out.

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