Our Philosophy

The Art

All coffees are not created equal. A large part of our development process involves imagining which beans will play well with one another in blends or whether a light or dark roast will best bring out a particular bean’s nuanced flavor profile. Every great artist knows their medium, so our Roastmaster carefully considers all the factors that go into a coffee’s unique flavor – altitude, soil, temperature, harvest season, and more. Like our favorite local winemakers, his creativity is on full display in every batch.

The Science

Experimentation is the name of the game when we’re selecting which coffee makes the cut. All of our prized offerings have gone through various experiments to determine which roast brings out the best flavor, with multiple tastings and vigorous debate between each round. Using our smokeless Loring Smart Roast manufactured in Santa Rosa, CA, we apply heat to varying degrees while slashing our carbon footprint and reducing waste. A better planet, a better community, a better coffee.

100% Craft

It’d all be for naught if we didn’t have small-batch craftsmanship to back it up. Every bag and can of coffee is packaged and labeled by hand, one by one. This way, we know for a fact that everything we sell is up to our exacting standards. We aim to create something for every coffee drinker, from sweet and fruity light roasts to bold and brooding dark roasts and everything in between. Every coffee we make is organic, every product we sell has our signature Sonoma County touch.

The Team

Every member of the Taylor Lane team offers up something special. Together, we’ve created something incredible.