Our Philosophy


Taylor Lane believes in "Organic" as a way of life, not simply a way of growing.  It means much more than cultivating land without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  "Organic" encompasses all aspects of a sustainable system that promotes bio-diversity, fair trade practices, employee welfare, waste recycling, conservation of nature and natural resources, and health and vitality of all.

Taylor Lane promotes this way of life by providing high quality organic products, grown by our conscientious farming partners worldwide.  Through the marketing of our organic coffee, we not only touch the lives of our local customers, we also directly affect the coffee growing communities around the world who no longer depend on agrochemicals. This allows them to receive higher premiums for their crops and experience a better quality of life.

We welcome you to share in our celebration of these seeds, which bring pleasure to millions of people on a daily basis.  Join us as we strive to weave the living web of communities who are touched so deeply by these precious crops.



Coffee is a connection.  At Taylor Lane Organic Coffee, our global community of farmers, makers, doers and dreamers are collectively telling a story that reaches beyond language and geography,  It's about doing good things really well, taking care of what you have and providing for the people around you

Organic should be more than a sticker on a package.  It should be about making decisions with purpose and intent.  It should be about voting for a better world, a place where good things always win.



We buy, roast and sell beautiful organic coffee, 100% of the time.  We offer pristine coffees that come from a single family farm in a single place and are only available at a single time in the year.  These coffees are dynamic and ever-changing, just like anything that ever spent any time growing.

In addition to our single origin coffees, we're also pretty well known for artfully blending coffees.  Starting with only the best organic coffees from around the world, our craft roasting team combines to both complement and contrast, resulting in blends that are interesting, reliable, comforting and delicious.  From our Sweetwater Espresso to our Goat Rock Blend, we offer a stable of blends that are sure to satisfy discerning coffee lovers.