Rob's Thoughts

  • Launch Day

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    Welcome to our new site! Hard to believe after months of planning that we are finally sharing our site with you. It's been an awesome effort from our marketing team and some help from many members of our staff outside this team.    This feels like a true representation of who we are. We will get to share our community connections through words as well as photos.    I hope you love it like I do.    Thank you, Rob Daly

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  • What's to come

    When I first joined the company in 2001 I didn't know what I was getting into. A group of hippies trying to get an organic coffee company off the ground and rolling. Who knew that 12 years later I would be running the company's daily operations, draw up and help deliver it's first Coffee Bar and grow the team from about 13 people to 34!  I love what I do and who I'm doing it with. I'm lucky to have the team I have around me. I brought the right people in and they are why we are where we...

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