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Organic         HALO BARITI -Ethiopian Single Origin
Organic         HALO BARITI -Ethiopian Single Origin


Organic HALO BARITI -Ethiopian Single Origin



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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural -Indigenous heirloom cultivars - Ripe red cherry is delivered by the members of the cooperative to their drying tables -Hand sorted and raked for even drying over the course of 10-15 days.

ALTITUDE:  1600-2300 masl

Organic & Fair Trade

This coffee is sourced from 250 family-owned farms organized around the Halo Bariti cooperative.  Halo Bariti is one of the newest cooperatives in Ethiopia, having been in existence only since 2012.  The members all used to be part of the larger Worka Cooperative, located on the opposite catchment area.  This zone is extraordinarily remote and undeveloped, meaning most farmers have more land under their control. This zone in general is the highest altitude cultivation area in the entire country of Ethiopia, resulting in some stunningly unique cup profiles.