Taylor Lane Organic Coffee

Roasted in Sonoma County Since 1993

Taylor Lane Organic Coffee is a 27year old Sonoma County company that is owned by two local families. When we first fired up our roaster in 1993, the number of organic coffee farms around the world was limited. We did not let that stop us, but instead we committed to providing customers with the best, most sustainable coffees we could find. Over the years we partnered with more and more farmers as they worked toward certification. Subsequently we have been able to expand our offerings and roast an organic coffee for every taste. Currently organic coffee is more widely available than ever, and we take pride in the part we have played in bringing it to the mainstream. While we no longer roast in the barn on that serene 100acre farm that sits at the end of Taylor Lane, our commitment remains the same: to make delicious organic coffee that brings people joy.  

At Taylor Lane we pride ourselves on seed to cup sustainability. We embrace stewardship at every step in the coffee process by taking care of people and planet whenever and however we can. Like wine grapes in Sonoma County, the flavor enhancement of organic coffee beans depends on the growing conditions and processing methods of each region. We hold in high esteem our organic, Fair Trade Certified farmers who provide us with exceptional beans, our dedicated employees and our local business partners. Each step in the coffee supply chain provides opportunities to choose sustainable practices. Coffee is a gift to us from millions of farming families around the world, and we must treat it as such; never forgetting the love, care and painstaking labor that goes into cultivating our favorite crop.