What certifications do your products carry?

100% of our coffees are certified organic through CCOF. Over the past decade, it seems that coffee has attracted more certifications than almost any other single food item.  While all of these initiatives are well intentioned and many are effective, they often confuse the growing number of consumers who are interested in knowing where their food comes from, under which conditions it was grown, and if those producing it were fairly treated. At Taylor Maid Farms, we share these concerns. After 20 years of working with farmer partners in dozens of countries around the world, we are confident that organic farming provides the greatest financial, environmental and social benefit to the farmer as well as the consumer.

What is your sourcing philosophy?

Since our inception in 1993, we have been committed to sourcing 100% organic coffee from rich, bio diverse farms. Conventionally grown coffee is one of the most chemically treated food crops on earth. In contrast, we work with coffee growers who use innovative organic farming methods that focus on sustainable agriculture and maintaining the diversity of nature. We highlight these small farms and distinct regions through our rotating Single-Origin coffees, which we offer at the peak of season and freshness.

What is The Barlow?

The Barlow is a former apple processing plant in Sebastopol, California that has been transformed into an artisanal campus featuring winemakers, bread bakers, and farm to table advocates. As a foodie mecca, The Barlow brings together dynamic array of local food and spirit producers who celebrate handcrafted, locally –made products.  We are thrilled to have our flagship Coffee Bar and Roastery housed at The Barlow where we can showcase our craft and love of coffee.

Does Taylor Maid Farms have, you know, a farm?  Why the name?

In 1991 founders Chris & Terri Martin purchased the 100-acre property on Taylor Lane to raise their three daughters and grow organic culinary herbs. They named the property, which sits atop rolling hills between Occidental and the Pacific Ocean, Taylor Maid Farm. In 1993 Mark Inman, then Roastmaster at A’roma Roasters in Santa Rosa, encouraged Chris to begin roasting organic coffee and use the farm as a classroom to convert coffee growers to a more environmentally progressive form of farming.  And with that, Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee was born in west Sonoma County.

How does your can refill program work?

Our canned refill program reduces paper waste and incentivizes recycling by giving you a dollar discount for reusing your can.   Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Buy a new can of coffee: 10 oz. for $10.

Step 2. Bring your Taylor Maid Farms can back to our retail store (or participating business partners) and let our staff fill it to the top.  Depending on the roast level, a full can weighs anywhere from 10-13 oz. (Darker roasts weigh less; lighter roasts weigh more).

Step 3. Receive bulk pricing plus a dollar off for being a good environmental steward.

Step 4. Go home happy.

Can I buy green coffee beans from you?

Absolutely! We love spurring on home-roasters and are happy to sell you our recent single origin offerings at our retail store, M-F from 8-4.

Why is your coffee packaged in cans?

Operating our company in a sustainable manner means reducing waste and using recyclable or compostable packaging whenever possible. As one of the most recycled items in the world, steel cans are a practical and responsible packaging choice. The following stats make a clear case:

  • Recycled steel uses 75% less energy to reproduce and can be recycled an infinite number of times.
  • Recycling steel prevents the need to mine additional iron and coal, the primary ingredients to make new steel.
  • Each year steel recycling saves enough energy to electrically power about one-fifth of U.S. households for one year.

Do you offer donations or fundraising opportunities?

We do! Giving back to the community that has helped our business thrive is a priority for us.  We happily donate coffee for non-profit events. Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance by filling out a form in our retail store or emailing donations@taylormaidfarms.com. For larger fundraising endeavors, we recommend our Community Fundraising Program. Learn more here.

Do you offer training support?

Happily. Our complimentary, in-depth barista training program will elevate your staff’s skills to the next level.  Tiered classes cover everything from the anatomy of espresso to how to dazzle your customers with latte art. We’re happy to host your team at our facility or send our trainer to your store to instruct your staff in the comfort of their own work environment.  No matter the location, your staff will be empowered with best practices and tricks of the trade- the foundation of any stellar coffee program. Email training@taylormaidfarms.com for more information.