Since 1993, when we began roasting in an old barn in Occidental, California, we have been committed to providing our customers with the best, most sustainable coffees we could find. At the time, the number of organic coffee farms around the world was limited. Over the years, we partnered with more and more farmers as they worked toward certification, and our offerings have expanded ever since. While we no longer roast on that serene 100-acre farm on Taylor Lane, we stay true to our roots as coffee industry pioneers, and pay homage to our home as we embrace our new name, Taylor Lane Organic Coffee.


1991 – 1993
Chris and Terry Martin purchase property on Taylor Lane in Occidental, CA. Encouraged by a friend, Chris starts to roast organic coffee in an old barn on the property. Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee is born.

1995 – 2001
Taylor Maid moves to Sebastopol and begins packaging their coffee in 10oz steel cans wrapped in brown labels, later launching the can refill program at grocery stores.

2003 – 2005
Taylor Maid beta tests the Loring Smart Roast and begins printing directly on their can packaging, saving approx. 20,000 labels per year.

2012 – 2016

Taylor Maid ventures into retail and opens its flagship cafe in the Barlow. Taylor Maid is sold a Healdsburg ownership group.

2017 – 2018

A second cafe is opened in Petaluma and Taylor Maid is rebranded to Taylor Lane. Coffee bars are planned for Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and San Francisco.