Wholesale Equipment Repair Policy


We strive to offer the best service possible, in a timely manner, and with the same quality and care as our coffee and tea. We have been working with Dolce Neve for many years. Dolce Neve is a leader in the repair industry and have proven to be reliable and ready to address your equipment maintenance and repairs as quickly as possible. We know you will come to appreciate them as much as we do!

  • Taylor Lane will cover all parts and labor associated with general wear and tear on equipment owned by Taylor Lane. Taylor Lane will not cover any parts or labor costs associated with repairs needed for damaged equipment. We do except all equipment we own to be properly cleaned and maintained.
  • For any repair on equipment not owned by Taylor Lane, you the customer are responsible for covering all costs including parts and labor, billed to you by Dolce Neve.
  • Water filtration is required for all Taylor Lane owned equipment. Taylor Lane does not cover the cost of installing or replacing water filtration, that is the responsibility of you the customer.

We appreciate your partnership and the time taken to maintain and care for the equipment that brews our products.