Ethiopia Amaro Gayo


COFFEE: Amaro Gayo (ah-MAH-row GUY-oh) COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGION: Amaro Special Woreda, Sidama ELEVATION: 1500 to 1600 meters
PRODUCER: Asnakech Thomas CULTIVARS: Indigenous Arabica
PROCESS: Washed & sun-dried on raised beds HARVEST: October to February
AVAILABLE: July to September ROAST LEVEL: Light

Regional Notes: To indulge in this coffee is to celebrate resilience and perseverance. Amaro Gayo hails from Ethiopia’s only female miller & exporter, entrepreneur Asnakech Thomas. Early in life, Thomas escaped from a forced childhood marriage, eventually making her way to Europe where she excelled as a small-business owner. In time, Thomas returned to Ethiopia to use her skills and business acumen to help her homeland’s coffee sector thrive. And thrive it has. Naturally processed and dried on raised beds, this year's harvest yielded sweet and vibrant notes of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, apricot and buttery chocolate. We recommend brewing this coffee as a Pour Over or a French Press. For the espresso lovers, we're offering Amaro Gayo Espresso Roast, and serving it upon request in espresso drinks. Combined with milk, Amaro Gayo sings notes of blueberry pie.

Cupping Notes: Sweet and vibrant with notes of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, and buttery chocolate.