Ethiopia Moredocofe


COFFEE: Moredocofe (Sidama) (mow-ray-doh-COH-fay) COUNTRY: Ethiopia                                                             
REGION: Oromia FARM: Moredocofe
ELEVATION: 1600 to 2000 meters PROCESS: Natural & Sun Dried on Raised Beds
CULTIVARS: Indigenous Heirloom Arabica CERTIFICATIONS: Rainforest Alliance
HARVEST: October to December ROAST LEVEL: Light
AVAILABLE: January to March

Regional Notes: Moremora Development of Organic Coffee Sole Enterprise (MOREDOCOFE) is a private coffee growing organization working in collaboration with medium-sized farms. The farms are located in the Dawa Basin area of Oromia. MOREDOCOFE has its own washing and pulping station. The Moredocofe farm is part of a 980 hectare spread, which includes coffee processing facilities and 139 tenant farms. Coffee is grown under shade tree canopies, including huge mahogany trees, which helps conserve forestland and protect local birds and animals. MOREDOCOFE operates their own seedling nursery and provides extensive services to the member farmers, including training in safety precautions, health care, and access to government run schools close to the farm. The enterprise has 12 permanent staff, each with over a decade of experience in coffee production, processing, cleaning, and marketing. They also have 3 highly qualified part-time consultants, and about 200 temporary workers are employed each year.

Cupping Notes: Juicy, tangy, complex, yet well rounded and silky.