Flores Green Dragon


Coffee: Green Dragon Country: Indonesia                                                                 
Region: Manggarai (MAN-guh-rye), Flores Elevation: 1,200 to 1,800 meters
Process: Wet-hulled or semi-washed, dried on raised beds Cultivars: Typica & S-795
Certifications: Rain Forest Alliance Harvest: May/June to September
Available: January to March Roast level: Medium

Regional Notes: Flores is a small Indonesian island east of Bali, known as the “island of flowers”, not for its flora, but for the colorful coral reefs that surround the island. Besides Komodo, Flores is one of the few places where Komodo dragons can still be found in the wild and is part of the Komodo national park. Our Green Dragon coffee is grown in the western district of Manggarai, near the steep slopes of Gunung Ranaka, 2358 meters at its peak. At an average altitude of 1,500 meters, 13,900 coffee growing families passively farm 5,769 hectares. Unlike many other Indonesian coffees, Green Dragon is dried on raised beds instead of the ground. This method exposes the coffee to air on all sides, allowing for a clean, crisper flavor profile.

Cupping Notes: Sweet chocolate and floral notes, earthy and smooth body, with a hint of smokiness.