Our Community Fundraising Program is the perfect vehicle to raise money for your organization while offering your supporters a premium, organic product that many of us use in our everyday lives.

The idea is simple: we offer you wholesale pricing on our locally roasted coffee and you sell it with competitive profit margins going to your cause. We’ll provide everything you need for a successful fundraiser including fliers, order forms, and coffee descriptions.

A diverse group of schools, non-profits and faith-based organizations have used our Community Fundraising Program to raise money for everything from band uniforms and field trips to art classes and textbooks. For a simple and effective way to raise money for your cause, email

Here’s what a happy fundraiser has to say about the program:

“We have used Taylor Maid products in the past as a fundraiser for our graduation funding (8th grade middle school). Due to the great response (people love buying something they will use!) we went for a full two weeks of selling to fund our field trips this year. We totaled 191 cans in two weeks.  For us it is a great resource to start a nest egg to build with. Our middle school program has 34 students this year, and with our fundraising we are able to give supplement funding so that everyone can attend an overnight fieldtrip, go to museums, and enjoy extra-curricular activities that augment our daily curriculum. It is also a great resource for tally sheets, math graphs, and real money purchases in math class!”

–Laura Bernard, Monte Rio School