Mexico Pluma Real


COFFEE: Pluma Real (PLEW-mah ray-AL) COUNTRY: Mexico
REGION: Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca (wah-HA-kuh) ELEVATION: 1200 to 1300 meters
PROCESS: Washed & sun dried CULTIVARS: Typica
PRODUCER: Don Alberto Perez “the Bearded Man” HARVEST: October to March
FARM: Finca Olivo ROAST LEVEL: Medium
AVAILABLE: July to September  

Regional Notes: Pluma Hidalgo, located in the Sierra Madre Sur, is one of the regions in the state of Oaxaca renowned for its coffee. Finca Olivo’s Pluma Real is a genuine “Pluma,” a term that is widely overused to label Oaxacan coffee, but Finca Olivo is actually on the Pluma Hidalgo Road, outside the town of the same name. This is a beautiful and lush area, high on the gentle slopes rising from the Pacific Ocean. There, the intense sunlight and rarefied atmosphere produce a bean with greater complexity and depth of flavor. Finca Olivo grows the Typica variety, an heirloom brought from Guatemala more than a century ago. Typica plants are more delicate and lower yielding than other varieties, but the flavor that they produce in the cup is deep, rich and aromatic. The plants flourish beneath a canopy of shade trees that protect them from overexposure to the tropical sun.

Cupping Notes: Sweet chocolate & raspberry tones balanced with a delicate creamy body.