Nicaragua Finca Java


COFFEE: Finca Java COUNTRY: Nicaragua                                  
REGION: Lago de Apanas, Jinotega ELEVATION: 1000 to 1200 meters
PRODUCER: Finca Java, Finca El Peten  CULITVARS: Caturra & Maragogype
PROCESS: Washed & sun-dried on elevated beds  FARM: Finca Java
CERTIFICATION: Organic HARVEST: November to February
AVAILABILITY: October to December ROAST LEVEL: Medium-Light

Regional Notes: Finca Java, S.A. was created to provide a vehicle for responsible development. They are creating opportunities for land ownership that are socially and ecologically responsible, benefits not present in traditional investments. They are committed to organic systems, which protect the environment and our health. Finca Java is such a shining example, that Biolatina, an organic certifier in Central and South America, sends their technicians to this farm to be trained in organic certification. They are also committed to building a social infrastructure that would support increased productivity in a climate of cooperation. They are also dedicated to preserving half of the land as natural forest. The farm strives to be self-sufficient, growing organic vegetables for workers and visitors, instead of relying on non-organic food. Finca Java operates in the Apanas Lake region, located 80 miles north of Managua, the lake is at 3,000 feet elevation and the mountains around it rise up to 7,000 feet. It was created as an artificial lake to provide hydroelectric power to the area. The area enjoys a wetter climate than much of Nicaragua, and stays green year-round. It is ideal for growing coffee.  

Cupping Notes: Bright and clean, with hints of orange peel and Meyer lemon.