Peru Naranjillo


COFFEE: Naranjillo (nah-rawn-Hee-yo) COUNTRY: Peru
REGION: Naranjillo ELEVATION: 1750 meters
PROCESS: Washed & Sun Dried CULTIVARS: Typica, Bourbon, Pache, Caturra
CERTIFICATION: Fair trade PRODUCER: La Cooperativa Agraria Industrial Naranjillo Limitada
AVAILABLE: January to March ROAST LEVEL: Medium

Regional Notes: Cooperativa Agraria Industrial Naranjillo (COOPAIN) was founded in 1964 by 32 farmers in the Naranjillo region in the mountainous jungle of eastern central Peru. Fair Trade Certified in 2004, COOPAIN manages not only the production and sale of product, but also promotes the health, education and socioeconomic development of the organization’s members. COOPAIN has various committees to promote education and development of the cooperative members and their families. They develop workshops to teach leadership skills to cooperative members. They promote the importance of staying in school to cooperative members’ children. COOPAIN’s medical campaigns are aimed at teaching cooperative members and workers good health practices and educating them on common health issues and ways to stay healthy. They operate a Family Development Committee that holds training sessions and capacity-building courses, which seek to develop higher levels of participation of women in the management and development of the cooperative. Through their Sustainable Production Project, COOPAIN provides technical assistance in organic production. The goal is to teach producers to implement good agricultural practices in their production process so that the cooperative can guarantee a uniform high-quality product and promote the conservation of land within the cooperative’s sphere of influence.

Cupping Notes: A perfect balance between floral, caramel and stonefruit.