Old Source

Our coffees are grown on bio-diverse family farms throughout Central & South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South-East Asia. 

In early 2013, we took our first company origin trip to Guatemala to visit two coffee farms: Santa Isabel and La Voz. We were blown away. Who knew we could fall even more in love with coffee? Walking through organic coffee farms, breaking bread around farmers’ tables and participating in farm-level processing is an experience that will stay with us forever. 

This origin trip proved to be a turning point for Taylor Maid Farms, fostering a deeper appreciation of organic farming and the challenges faced by coffee growing families around the world.

Inspired by the experience and eager to cultivate closer relationships at origin, TMF invested in an organic coffee farm in Nicaragua in 2013. The coffee farm, Finca Java, is an epicenter of organic and agroforestry education and we’re proud to feature Finca Java seasonally in our Coffee Bar. Finca Java has been a catalyst for sustainable community development in the Lake Apanas region, and has been recognized by the Nicaraguan government as a model for organic coffee and food production.

We’re thrilled at the opportunities associated with this partnership, including potential coffee tours and educational retreats. Stay tuned as we develop programing in the heart of the coffeelands.