Better Know a Barista: Loren





Drink of choice here at TMF?



What is your favorite part about working in coffee?

My favorite part is the day-to-day interactions with our regular customers and continuing those relationships. I enjoy meeting new people and listening to my favorite tunes in the coffee bar.


What do you like to do on your days off?

I like to cook a lot- coming up with my own recipes and creating elaborate meals. I enjoy seeing live music outdoors or at Hopmonk and going to happy hour at Stark’s. I’ll hang out at Taylor Maid and visit co-workers too.


Favorite place in Sonoma County

Jack London State Park and Armstrong Woods.



I enjoy playing music. I’m not in any bands currently but enjoy singing for fun- soul music, 60’s music and listening to the Velvet Underground.


What is your spirit animal?

A racoon. When I was younger, I’d visit my grandma who fed the raccoons every night outside in front of her sliding glass door. I liked to talk to them as they walked past the front of her house. We named one of the raccoons ‘Chip Out of Ear’ that had a piece of its ear missing.


Camo or tie dye?

Tie dye

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