DIY Cold Brew

As the last bit of summer is still holding on, but life is in full-swing with kids back to school, full work schedules, and evenings spent getting ready for the next busy day—all you want as the cool mornings wear off into warm afternoons is a great cup of your favorite cold brew coffee.

Maybe you don’t have time to sit in line at your local coffee house and brewed coffee left in the fridge from the morning just doesn’t cut it. We have an easy, delicious solution for you: hand-crafted cold brew at home, no fancy equipment needed!



 For a single batch:

• ½ Cup of your favorite coffee, coarsely ground

• 2 Cups cold filtered water

• A jar, large glass, or whatever will hold 2 cups of liquid, even a plastic container would work here (you can also use a French Press)

• Measuring cup

• Spoon

• Cheese cloth, nut-milk bag, or fine strainer


1) Put your ½ cup of coarsely ground coffee in your jar, add the 2 cups of water and give it a little stir until all your grounds are submerged.


2) Cover your jar (we used plastic wrap) and let it hang out in fridge for 12 or up to 24 hours.






3) After your brew is to your strength and liking, give it a strain (no need if you have a French Press, just plunge and pour into a new container, you don’t want to leave your grinds in your water after it’s plunged). We used four layers of cheese cloth, but you can also just pour it through a fine mesh strainer.


4) You will be left with a very strong, low-acid coffee concentrate. Dilute with fresh, cold filtered water to your taste over ice (we recommend 1-part coffee to 1-part water), or for a high-octane, double batch you’ll adjust the recipe to 2 cups of coarsely ground coffee and 7 cups of water. A big batch is great because your cold brew can hang out in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to three weeks.

Cold brew is also super versatile: great for back yard BBQ’s, picnics, and days spent on the go! (Be extra fancy and put it in your limited edition Taylor Maid Farms Hydroflask.)




We recommend our Sweetwater Espresso for this. It's sweet, nutty, and has a great complexity that's perfect for cold brew! It also tastes similar to our Nitrogenated Draft Coffee available at both of our coffee bars and at all three Oliver’s Markets locations. Make sure you get it extra fancy (it’s a treat, right?) and ask for organic maple syrup and organic ½ & ½.

Happy brewing!



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