Sustainability at Taylor Lane: From Seed to Cup

Sustainability at Taylor Lane: From Seed to Cup

At Taylor Lane, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's a way of life. From the moment our coffee beans are planted in the rich soil to the final sip of your favorite brew, we prioritize eco-friendly practices every step of the way.

Crafting the Perfect Roast:

Our journey to sustainable coffee starts with our Roastmaster, who carefully selects the finest organic beans from around the world. Like an artist with a palette, our Roastmaster blends different beans to create unique flavor profiles that satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. Using our smokeless Loring Smart Roast, manufactured right here in Santa Rosa, CA, we apply heat to varying degrees while minimizing our carbon footprint and reducing waste.

100% Craftsmanship:

Every bag and can of Taylor Lane coffee is packaged and labeled by hand, ensuring that each product meets our exacting standards. From sweet and fruity light roasts to bold and brooding dark roasts, every coffee we make is organic and reflects the signature Sonoma County touch that our customers know and love.

A Commitment to Community:

Taylor Lane isn't just a coffee company – it's a family. Our team is dedicated to creating something incredible, and our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products. We partner with local businesses and communities to support organic farming practices and promote environmental stewardship.

A Legacy of Sustainability:

For over 30 years, Taylor Lane has been at the forefront of the organic coffee movement. What began as a passion project in a humble barn has grown into a company that takes pride in making delicious organic coffee that brings joy to people's lives. Our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering as we continue to innovate and lead the way towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Embracing Stewardship:

From seed to cup, Taylor Lane embraces stewardship at every step of the coffee process. We honor the hard work and dedication of our organic, Fair Trade Certified farmers, our devoted employees, and our local business partners who make it all possible. As we enjoy our favorite cup of coffee, let's not forget the love, care, and painstaking labor that goes into cultivating this precious crop. At Taylor Lane, sustainability isn't just a goal – it's a promise to our planet and future generations.

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