New Year, New You!

A new year brings plenty of promise. We get to take all that we learned in the year prior and apply that hard-won wisdom and clarity to continued growth and new successes. At Taylor Maid Farms, we always take time at the end of any year to reflect on what was good and what could use some work. In that spirit, we are excited to bring some new year change to the Barlow coffee bar. Some things will be obvious, others are a bit behind the scenes, but all are meant to improve your experience when you’re visiting.

iPads! iPads! We did it, we brought in the iPads. In addition to being able to now play Candy Crush Saga at the counter, we can ring up your order, take payment, email your receipt, and track your purchases over time. Who are you guys, the NSA? Well, the idea is to move away from the stamp cards, speed up the counter and ordering process, and cut down our paper waste, furthering our drive toward greater sustainability. Similar to the stamp cards, our new system will log every transaction over $2 and after 10 visits, you’ll receive $5 off your 11th order. Our current program only rewards folks who order drinks, but now everyone wins (cans of beans, kids with muffins, dudes in tank tops, ladies with stainless steel water bottles). We’re also hoping that some of you are still in awe of this incredible technology; we want to see smiles as fingers smudge across the touch screen. The future is pretty crazy.


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