Yama Cold Drip Brewer Debuts Friday!


This beautiful block wood and handblown glass tower is a piece of functional art. 

The top chamber is filled with ice water and through careful manipulation of the release valve, our baristas control the rate of flow as the drops of water soak the thin paper filter sitting atop the bed of coffee grounds. 

With each drop, the grounds are evenly soaked, eventually filling the bottom chamber with an elegant cold brewed coffee that has a pronounced sweetness and minimal acidity.

Each batch requires 12 hours of brew time, with hands-on adjustments made each hour. The resulting cold brewed coffee is only enough for 20 cups, so don’t put off enjoying the loveliness.

No better way to launch this gorgeous device than with an equally gorgeous coffee, our new Brazil Floresta. This naturally processed coffee is fruit forward with a nice amount of milk chocolate wrapped into a big body with juicy mouthfeel. Floresta will be available from the Cold Drip Brewer starting Friday Jan. 17th, 12 ounces for $4. Come and get it!

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