Farm Fix - No. 1 / Enjoying Your Coffee

Relish the moments we have to slow down and focus in on something joyous, these opportunities are few in our rushed modern world. As coffee fanatics, we get a nice juicy one every morning. Below is the first of some really simple thoughts on how to improve your situation when not at our coffee bar. Take your time and enjoy the process, it’s not immensely complicated and that extra effort will guarantee a satisfying reward.

‘What we collectively identify as “quality” may be only a majority preference, based on habit, reinforced by peer groups, and enshrined by tastemakers’ - Steve Heimoff

Although a little cynical, the quote above inspired some healthy reflection on the nature of quality and how we enjoy what we think we enjoy. Steve Heimoff blogs about wine and I encourage you to read more here. And now some thoughts on enjoying your coffee.

What do you prefer? Blends? Dark roasts? Espresso? Single origin coffees with limited, seasonal availability? Brewing in a french press? An aeropress? A plastic countertop brewer? Do you grind your coffee at home? Filter your water?

Do you like your coffee strong? Weak? Hot? Warm? Cold? Iced? Cream? Sugar? Cream and sugar?

Here’s a secret: it’s all good. You have taste buds and preferences and that’s totally good. We like opinions, whether we share them or not. That said, there are some rules and they don’t have to interfere with ‘how you like it’. Keep your brewer clean, the water cleaner, and your coffee fresh. And always start with quality ingredients. 

Once you’ve made your coffee, the way you wanted to, don’t forget to enjoy it. This usually requires a favorite cup or mug or bowl. Be careful with that thing, favorites are hard to come by and even harder to replace. Take a seat, inside or outside or even at a window where you can have the best of both. Put on some music or have something to read. Maybe grab a friend, but make sure you make their coffee the way they like it. Accommodate your friend’s preferences for setting and ambiance. Good friends do things like that.

When it’s all done, brace yourself for what’s next on your itinerary. Hang on to the smallest parts of that coffee drinking moment and remember them when other activities in your day are less awesome. The point is, have a little fun and don’t deprive yourself of the things you like. Chances are, those things are quality.


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