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This is what we read this week on the internet. By sharing, there’s hopefully an opportunity to grow together as human beings - flexing our brains and opening our hearts. Or, we’re projecting and feeling inadequate and are trying to engage you as we work out our stuff.

Below you’ll find some links. When you click on one, it’ll take you to a story/picture/song/etc that we felt compelled to share. Maybe the links below have something in common, a theme of sorts. Maybe they don’t. They will always be interesting and will always be of some value. Take a moment and click through them, it’ll be fun.

This week, we’re reading about food. And listening to this


  • Locally, this winter has been really dry and it’s messing with our farms. CUESA reports on the tough decisions local farmers are facing.
  • CUESA also got some smart people together and asked what the hell artisanal means anymore.
  • From the NY Times, gentrification is impacting food supply and distribution in cities across the U.S.
  • The LA Times and how citrus farmers in Redlands, CA have partnered with LAUSD and managed to keep heads above water.
  • And because not everything can NOT be about robots: how tasting, palates, and snobbery will soon be outsourced courtesy of NPR.











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