Better Know a Barista: Sheena



Santa Rosa, CA          


Drink of choice here at TMF?

Sonoma Roast pour over


What is your favorite part about working in coffee?

I enjoy educating people about coffee and going home smelling like coffee. My clothes are like a coffee scented Glade candle!


What do you like to do on your days off?

I like trying different craft beers; my favorite is Atlas Blonde from Fogbelt Brewing in Santa Rosa. They have out of this world food too- really fresh ingredients. Their hummus plate is my jam.


Favorite place in Sonoma County?

I enjoy spending time at my mom’s. She lives on some property outside of Santa Rosa and it’s really peaceful out there.



I like drawing and making gifts- sewing and crafting. Last year for the holidays I made rice and lavender sachets for everyone.


What movie, no matter how many times you have seen it, do you have to watch when it is on?

Nightmare before Christmas, my all time favorite movie!


Your go-to shower song?

Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge


You are invited to a large cocktail party at a country club. When you arrive, the room where the party is being held is already over half full of people. How do they react to you when you enter the room?

“‘Ay! Opa!” Followed by a chest bump.

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