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Drink of choice here at TMF?



What is your favorite part about working in coffee?

I’m attracted to craft food and specialty coffee. I like finding things that are unique, flavorful and high quality whether it’s beer, cheese, mustard or coffee.


 What do you like to do on your days off?

I watch UK football (Liverpool), hockey (Philly Flyers), write and play music.


Favorite place in Sonoma County?

Redwood Empire ice arena. I spent all my time there as a kid playing hockey- I started playing at age 4 after watching a game on TV. 



I make 8-bit images with dice and draw a little bit and enjoy running. I play drums in a three piece band, Level Up Beat Down. Our guitarist is my best friend; we’ve been playing music together since we were 15.


What would we find in your refrigerator right now?

Artisan condiments- Sir Kensington’s ketchup, stone-ground mustard and mayonnaise. It’s pricey but worth it! Also, Sonoma Brinery pickles (my favorite).


What is the last book you read?

‘Saga’ a comic by Brian K. Vaughan.


Favorite quote?

‘Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.’ One of my hockey coaches said this and I would tell that to kids when I would help coach hockey at Cardinal Newman.

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