A Coffee Love Story

By Max Bretzke, Head of Research & Development*

My Linea VS Linnia love story takes place in Santa Rosa California. I believe it to be a rare and exceptional story so I am obliged to share it today. My story mixes falling in love with a woman and falling in love with an espresso machine. To this day when I introduce my wife to a coffee professional, which is often, I get a smile because her name, though spelled differently is pronounced the same as the beloved Linea.

When we met I was unaware of the espresso machine she shared a name with, but shortly after we were married I was given the chance to run a small cafe which happened to be one of my dreams. I had the opportunity to work with the espresso machine before taking the job and though I found my differences with the owner to be vast I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to run a coffee program with the La Marzocco Linea as the backbone.

Not only did I learn more about life, love, and marriage that first year of being married and running a cafe, I learned so much about coffee and espresso. Though I have moved on from that occupation, I still work in the Specialty Coffee Industry and am overcome with nostalgia when I see a Linea sitting in a cafe wondering if the barista understands and appreciates the machine they get to work with. Though the Linea will never compete with Linnia, I rather enjoy telling the story that my wife’s name is shared with one of the best espresso machines ever made.  *Story written for La Marzocco's Linea Love Campaign

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