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Is Coffee a Vegetable?

Pretty much everyone we know loves coffee and kicks off each and every morning with their preferred cup. We love it for its taste. We love the burst of caffeine. We love taking that first sip and thinking, “ahhh … I’m ready to start my day.”

And the more we...

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Taylor Maid Farms Coffee and Tea

Better Know a Barista: Loren

October 20, 2014

  Hometown Sebastopol   Drink of choice here at TMF? Macchiato   What is your favorite part...

BP of the Month: Molly's Bakery

October 13, 2014

Molly's Bakery Owner Molly Bray has created a warm, family-friendly atmosphere in her Bennett Valley location, offering delectable baked...

New Year, New You!

December 31, 2013

A new year brings plenty of promise. We get to take all that we learned in the year prior and...

Harvest in Nicaragua

December 11, 2013

We spent the first week in December meeting with farmers in Nicaragua during the beginning of the coffee harvest. As...